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So I’ve made a decision today that I’ve been pondering over for sometime. Not necessary the decision to purchase the One Week Marketing course, but a decision to purchase a product from a trusted, reputable figure in the Internet Marketing Industry and hold my self accountable to follow it through to the end.

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Why I’m doing this?

In all honesty, I’m doing this for the reason I mentioned above. To hold myself accountable for my actions. I’ve have spent way to much time, energy, and money chasing my tale. Not that I haven’t had some success marketing online, but I can tell you first hand it’s no fun being only 10% good at everything. I will be the first to admit that I’m guilty of chasing the shiny object, pie in the sky, push button millionaire programs that feed you only about 20% of the information you need to succeed. It’s been a long time coming for me to put my nose to the grind, stick to a plan, and finish what I start.

Why One Week Marketing?

I’ve been a loyal subscriber of Jennifer’s for over two years now, pretty much opening every email she sends and buying products she recommends. Your probably wondering why I’ve waited so long to purchase her own product “One Week Marketing”? The truth is this is the second time I’ve purchased the “One Week Marketing” course. I purchased the course for the first time a couple of years ago and did nothing with it. I think I read the first couple pages and that was it. So moving forward, I know the course has been updated with new resources, tools, and updates and decided that this would be the perfect product to put to the test.

I figured if there was some way I could hold my self accountable it would force me to follow the course from start to finish. Therefore, I decided to blog about my daily, weekly, and monthly activities I’ve learned from OWM. I plan on sharing just about everything I do and the results I get. Note: There are many things throughout the course that I will not disclose simply because I do not want to discredit Jennifer’s hard work on putting this course together. If you like what you see and you think it’s something you feel like you want to tackle, then by all means pick up the complete course. DO NOT rely on my experiences to try and put this system to work because I can assure you that there will be missing pieces that you can only get from the complete course.

With that being said, I plan on putting this course to the test by starting from the very beginning and finishing it to the end. Regardless of the outcome, whether I make money or not, I’ve promised myself that I’m finally going to hold myself accountable for my actions and for the first time finish what I started.

I hope my journey gives you insight, hope, and courage to finally follow through and finish something you start. Along the way, give you the financial security you deserve. I have a really wonderful and positive feeling about the journey I’m starting and I’m quite sure that my commitment and hard work will bless me and my family in 2013.

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